K-12 Digital Content

K-12 Digital Content

K-12 Digital Content
The leaders in K-12 Digital Content worldwide!
Yes that’s right, with over high definition 50,000 K-12 digital content modules, we have the largest K-12 digital content repository in the market.


Taking Education to a new Dimension!

SanSys SmartSchool offers high definition K-12 digital content based on 2D/3D animation. The content repository holds more than 50,000 education modules in various languages, supported by thousands of quizzes and interactive applications. Subjects ranging from science, mathematics, social science to languages are covered in the content repository.The features of K-12 digital content are:-

  • * Content in Rich 2D/3D Animation format.
  • * Extensive list of Interactive Modules.
  • * Provision for extensive localization.
  • * Course content follows major international curricula.

A Complete Localized Solution !

SanSys SmartSchool K-12 Digital Content offers a complete localized solution for its customers. With a strong team of subject matter experts, animation artists and software professionals, the company has the capabilities of providing a complete localized solution, tailored made as per customer’s requirements. The following types of localization can be undertaken :-

  • Localization related to the medium of Language.
  • Localization related to the course curriculum
  • Localization related to the voice over and accent.
  • Localization related to the regional sensibilities.


Product Demo

SanSys SmartSchool K-12 digital content comes loaded with lots of features. To completely understand the product, it is pertinent for potential customers to have a first hand look at the product. Therefore, we invite you to book a demo session with us by clicking the below link. Our support team will subsequently get in touch with you with the complete details related to the demo session. The demo session will include the complete walk-through of the software with in-dept explanation of each features and their utilities.

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