SanSys SmartSchool Examguru

SanSys SmartSchool Examguru

The perfect companion for your assessment needs !

SanSys SmartSchool Examguru software is a powerful assessment software with the capability to run both in offline and online mode. With over 1 lac questions to practice and extensive suite of competitive test series, SanSys SmartSchool Examguru provides the best possible practice platform for students, to excel in their examination. Examguru consists of three major components :-

  • Practice Zone
  • Exam Zone
  • Study Material

How it works?

SanSys SmartSchool Examguru software comes loaded on a DVD and can run on tablet, desktop, laptop or any other computing device. The software runs on both android and windows operating system. To use the software, the student has to simply install the Examguru software and after completing the registration can practice from over a pool of 1 lac questions, all of which is mapped to the curriculum.

Product Demo

To completely understand the product, it is pertinent for potential customers to have a first hand look at the product. Therefore, we invite you to book a demo session with us by clicking the below link. Our support team will subsequently get in touch with you.

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